Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Unfinished Sketch and a Bad Painting!

Well, I just wasn't feeling it this weekend just gone. I tried to force myself to do some art, and what came out didn't please me in the slightest but I thought I'd post it here so that when I do something good I can look back and see the progression!

First up - an acrylic ACEO of a bee on a flower.

It took me aaages to do the petals on the flower because in the original photo the flower was yellow, and I felt I needed to change it or the picture would be far too yellow and the bee wouldn't stand out.
The bee itself was difficult. I couldn't get him looking fuzzy no matter how small a brush I used. And his eyes - well they just look awful. Absolutely awful!

I think I'll be going back over this one seeing if I can improve on it.

Secondly - Tony Soprano.

Bit more promising this one. And inspired by watching 7 hours of The Sopranos straight!

I've definately got the bottom half of his face right, just something about the eyes isn't quite there... More work needed I think.

So all in all, not that great a weekend. I think it is blatantly clear that my acrylic painting in miniature needs a hell of a lot of work, and my portraits of famous people do too.
Oh well.


Angela said...

I think the bee painting is fine. My one (hopefully constructive) comment would be that the shiny bifuraction of the thorax distracts from the actual eyes of the little fella.

Hee hee Tony Soprano! You sure love your wiseguys. Nice one, Talia!

Talia said...

Thank you Ange, but forgive me for being just a little dumb, but what do you mean "the shiny bifuraction of the thorax distracts from the actual eyes of the little fella.?!?!

I am so dumb at times!

Angela said...

No! No! You're not dumb! Don't say that. AND EEEP! I can't spell bifurcation.

Sorry for the critter anatomy talk - it slips out sometimes.

What I meant to say is that the black, shiny, middle part of his body appears split, and that this makes it similar to looking at two big black eyes - and that this might distract a little bit from his actual little bee eyes further down.

I'm probably talking out of my bottom as usual though!

I certainly stand by my original comment that I think the pic is fine!

Talia said...

Aha! I see what you mean now! It's the black hairs on his neck that stop his eyes from standing out! (my simple anatomy terms!)

Will try to soften them and see what happens!