Monday, October 23, 2006

Number Crunching Screening

On Saturday, I went to a special screening (ok, so it was in my friend's house and nowhere posh) of the film I worked as production designer on last year - Number Crunching.

It has turned out really well and I am really pleased for Kev (my boyfriend and also writer/director of the film). With a budget of only £50.00, he's managed to produce something quite unique!

Also got to see the rough cut of our latest film, The Brain of Dr Strom, on DVD at home. Almost burst with pride at how fabulous all my props and art direction look in it, even though it's not in online quality yet, and how good it should be once the sound and music are added professionally.

It feels so good to be part of something so creative as this, even though only in a relatively small capacity.


Angela said...

It's so nice to read about all your various creative endeavours, Tals.

I hope some day I get to see these films!

Talia said...

I hope you do too! Once it's all done and dusted I'll get my brother to make a website for it so I can share it with you.