Monday, October 09, 2006

A New Chapter?

I received my first set of actual professional artist quality pencils today. A lovely unopened tin of 48 Prismacolors. I got them for quite a decent price as well, and the lovely man who I bought them from has thrown in a random set of 15 different pencils too, including some Sanford Verithins!

The reason I've bought these is so that I can finally make some ACEO's that will be of a good enough standard to sell. Although I am very proud of the ones I have made so far, I would be worried to sell them as the quality might not be quite right for someone paying money.

So, now I am armed with decent acid-free card and Prismas I can create without being worried about the quality. I just need to make sure that I do a good enough job!
I need to create a fairly decent sized batch to start with, and make sure I maintain enough to sell so I maintain a presence in the market.

I have opened a new eBay account ready to go, and an Etsy account as a back up should they not sell on eBay. It's so good that they stay listed on Etsy for 6 months at a fixed price instead of a short period with an auction. Hopefully they will sell at one or the other.

Let's just hope that I can come up with the goods and get going!!

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Angela said...

Wow, what a generous seller! Freebies are always such a lovely surprise. There will be no stopping you now eh? *g*