Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekly Drawing Thread Sept 4-10 2006

It was a really tough challenge this week. I can't say I enjoyed it at all. But I did it and this is the finished drawing.

In coloured pencil on cartridge paper.

Really not pleased with the bottom of the glass but I couldn't get the spheres right. And the green mass in the middle was tough too, but I suppose a challenge is good for you!


Angela said...

It was a tough challenge! The pic wasn't too fab to start with, and the glassy object was quite unconventional - you did very well! I like the way you captured the light glinting off the top of the bead.

arrtgrrl said...

Hi there i saw your link at wet canvas :-) i just started my blog here as well trying to work it all out still though lol
i love how you did this weekly challenge i took one look and ran for cover lol.... yours looks fantastic i especially like how you have rendered the shapes in the globe very nice !!!!!

Talia said...

Thank you so much arrtgrrl!

it certainly was a tough challenge!

I've just looked at your blog - your work is amazing! I hope to be as good as that one day!

arrtgrrl said...

thankyou you are very sweet :-) i only started drawing about 8 months ago so thats such a nice compliment.. are you going to do this weeks drawing thread? im hoping i get to do it it looks fantastic to do in charcoal!!

Talia said...

It looks like a great challenge and I will be doing it but I am going away to Spain tomorrow so I'll either have to rush it or post it when I get back!

arrtgrrl said...

wow have fun in Spain sounds like fun :-)

Talia said...